Statewide Ballot Initiatives


Earlier this year in June, by a 57-43 margin, Oklahoma voters approved State Question 788, which will allow patients to possess, cultivate, and purchase medical marijuana with a doctor’s approval. Regulators are now in the process of implementing the law. On the heels of this victory, four other states — Utah, Michigan, North Dakota, and Missouri — will vote on major marijuana policy reforms this year.


Backed by the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, Michigan’s initiative to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana has advanced to the November ballot. To learn more about the initiative, get involved, or make a donation to support the campaign, visit the campaign’s website.


After receiving well over the number of required signatures, the medical cannabis initiative backed by the Utah Patients Coalition was certified for the November ballot by Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox in May. To learn more about Prop. 2, get involved, or make a donation to support the campaign, visit the campaign’s website.

North Dakota

In an impressive feat, grassroots activists defied the odds and succeeded in putting an adult-use legalization initiative on the ballot this year. Frustrated by the state’s failure to implement a medical marijuana law approved by voters in 2016, many residents are supporting Prop. 3. Get involved and support the campaign by visiting their website.


Three medical marijuana initiatives — two constitutional amendments and one statutory — have qualified for the ballot in Missouri, complicating the set of possible outcomes. Read about the different proposals and the choices voters face here. Along with other marijuana policy reform advocacy groups, MPP encourages Missouri residents to vote yes on Amendment 2, which is backed by New Approach Missouri.

Local Ballot Initiatives


  • In Wisconsin, nearly three million voters will have an opportunity to vote on non-binding, advisory questions regarding marijuana policy in November. The results could be a powerful catalyst for reform moving forward. The various ballot measures will appear in 16 counties and two cities across the state. Find the confirmed list of questions by jurisdiction here.
  • In Ohio, at least six municipalities will have an opportunity to vote on local initiatives to decriminalize marijuana — Dayton, Fremont, Garrettsville, Norwood, Oregon, and Windham.


To see the actual questions voters will see on their ballots November 6, click here

MPP’s Guide to Governors’ Races and Cannabis Policy Reform

In 36 states, voters will be choosing their next governor on Election Day. In many races, there is a stark contrast between the candidates. Governors have a tremendous impact on marijuana policies in their states, from signing or vetoing bills to overseeing agencies that can implement, expand, or obstruct existing marijuana laws.  

Here’s MPP’s round-up of where major party gubernatorial candidates stand on various marijuana policy reforms.

Voter Guides (select states)



Donations to MPP will be used to generally support MPP’s efforts nationwide and are are not earmarked to support activity in any one state. If you would like to support an initiative in a specific state, please donate directly to that state’s campaign committee.

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